Planned Parenthood or Planned Abortion?

Dr. Deborah Nucatola, a PP official, talked about abortion providers’ ability to collect and preserve fetal tissue in a July 2015 video that caused a furor.  The video was taken by the Center for Medical Progress as activists, posing as medical-research representatives, dined with Dr Nucatola.  The disturbing feature is that of Dr. Nucatola casually eating salad and drinking wine while talking about dismembering babies.  It is difficult to watch and listen to without disgust.

Dr Nucatola appears to say abortion providers “absolutely want” to work with patients who wish to donate tissue, but don’t want to do so in a way perceived as profit-seeking.

Fetal tissue research increased after 1973 with rules and regulations both permitting and restricting usages.

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America since 2006 and daughter of former Democrat Texas Governor Anne Richards, apologized for the “tone” of the remarks made by her “staff”.  Richards knows this will blow over as other events grab headlines, but, the Pro-Life base will categorize this as just another disgusting liberal maneuver.

A great question to ask a liberal is, “You ‘feel’ the fetus is a clump of cells and not a human being, then, why does Planned Parenthood harvest and sell “hearts and livers”?  Below is the video.

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