Freedom is not free

Tuolumne County has a rich natural environment. And, we have our talented people. There is no reason we should not be thriving, building that shining city on the hill President Reagan described. Of course, there several reasons why we are in trouble, and most of them are found under a dome with a letter D next to their name.

It’s our duty to help many of those people find a new job.

We need to get to work making it possible for our own families, friends and neighbors to run their businesses without crushing taxes and regulations. Better business success will help them earn the money they need to hire new workers. We need to raise our families without the fear of job loss and dependence on government handouts. We have every right to be proud of our work, to be free to use our own private property, to stand on our own, and say enough is enough! I did build this!

Together, we will see a new day in California, where the Golden State lives up to our long standing promise of opportunity and reward for hard work. It’s time to roll back the power of State Government and let us, the people, solve our own problems as we always have. Let us raise our children without propaganda and rigid socialization, but with skills, empowerment, and confidence that investing their own future will bring them rewards too.

Yes, we should have it all. It’s time to take back what they robbed from us. Freedom is not free.

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2 Responses to Freedom is not free

  1. Sarah Morcott says:

    So true. We need to let people be more self reliant and not be leaning on the government.It’s a great thing you believe in finally doing what is best for us,not the government.

  2. I work for the Institute for Principle Studies and we’re all about freedom as well. And your right, it takes work. Here’s a little background on IPS:

    IPS was founded in 2005 as a research and educational organization. The goal of IPS is to teach the proper role of government, free market economics, and the ideas and principles of America’s founders and its Founding documents, while demonstrating the relationship between prosperity and freedom. IPS believes that a return to and preservation of these ideas requires educating both the present and future generations.

    I apologize for leaving such a long comment, but I couldn’t find any contact information and I wanted to invite your party to our annual Civics Summit; a conference that addresses an important problem of government or economics. This year’s conference will cover America’s current healthcare laws and help answer a number of important questions. For more information visit our website at or call (209) 575-2005.

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