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The Truth About TRADE

The Truth About Trade                                                                                                            by Scott Lincicome, Nat’l Review, April 11, 2016, Issue Trade has revealed, not created, problems in the American economy. Imports have inarguably affected U.S. manufacturing companies and workers — no serious free-trader argues otherwise. But criticism … Continue reading

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What, exactly, is the Liberal meaning of “Fair Share of Taxes”?

You may want to print the statistics in this article to present to anyone mentioning Fair Share…..and ask them who will decide how much to take from Americans, where the money goes and how it gets redistributed. Walter E. Williams … Continue reading

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The Young and the Economically Clueless

Bernie Sanders, the 74-year-old self-described democratic socialist, is surprising even himself with his primary-season success against Hillary Clinton, fueled by a staggering 83% majority of the under-30 vote in New Hampshire and 84% in the Iowa caucuses. As this newspaper … Continue reading

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The Last Obama Budget

WSJ, Dec 16, 2015 The last budget debate of the Obama era will go out in a blaze of ennui on Friday, and good riddance. This $1.1 trillion spending omnibus and “tax extenders” twofer adheres to the outlines of Congress’s … Continue reading

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Freedom is not free

Tuolumne County has a rich natural environment. And, we have our talented people. There is no reason we should not be thriving, building that shining city on the hill President Reagan described. Of course, there several reasons why we are … Continue reading

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